Our main offices are in downtown Kilmarnock, a historic part of Virginia’s River Country.

A Brief History of Broadband Telecom

Broadband Telecom was founded by current President Jeffrey Beekhoo to provide telecom network infrastructure services to cities and municipalities looking to build open or closed access networks for their residents. With millions of households in the United States still unable to achieve the benchmark 25 Mbps down and 3 Mbps upload speeds set by the Federal Government, he saw the urgency to provide these capabilities so that these areas could flourish. Utilizing the model that was developed by Google Fiber in Kansas City, he has had experience with similar projects that utilize existing infrastructure, tax money, and a combination of fiber optics and wireless, to create broadband networks that reduce leakage and generate additional revenue, as well as providing a much-needed service to the residents and business.

We offer services in the following areas:

City of Virginia Beach, City of Hampton, Lancaster County, Middlesex County, Gloucester County, Caroline County, City of Chesapeake, Culpeper County, Powhatan County, City of Norfolk, Campbell County

Our Partners

Meet the Staff of Broadband Telecom

Jeff Beekhoo

- President and Founder

An experienced CEO, Jeff has a broad and successful history in the telecommunications industry. Jeff’s experience includes LTE, OSP fiber optic design, construction and management. While he is noted for his technical expertise, he is equally skilled at seeking and growing strategic partnerships and building teams that consistently deliver on objectives. Jeff’s strength is in the integration of complex technologies to best fit the needs of a given community.

Tyler Beekhoo

- GIS Specialist and Project Manager

Tyler is a graduate of the University of Florida with a B.S. in Geomatics and Business. He has a wide-ranging background in surveying, telecommunications, and computer science, which he currently consolidates by designing broadband/fiber-optic networks and GIS asset databases. He is also involved in the City of Virginia Beach’s Digital Equity Transformation initiative, being a member of the team that brought home the top prize in the 2018 Smart Infrastructure Challenge in Columbus OH, presented by Venture Smarter.

The most important member of the Broadband Telecom Team is Jeff’s beloved dog Sasha. She keeps us all sane.

- As well as our supporting staff and some of the people you'll be seeing at your door soon -


- Customer Support

Leslie is our Customer Service Manager AKA Girl Boss. She has been in the Internet business for almost 14 years now and has even forged longtime friendships with several customers who have been with her since the beginning. Leslie has more patience than the rest of us at BTS combined, and she is always willing to do whatever it takes to keep her customers happy… and online.


- Administrative Assistant

Kelly is the Operations Assistant for Broadband Telecom. She has been with the company since they opened the doors of the Kilmarnock office in 2021. She has an Associate’s Degree in Business Management, and 20+ years of administrative experience. Kelly is still a work in progress in the technical aspects of the business, but what she lacks in that department she makes up for with a willingness to communicate with our customers and keep them updated in any situation.


- Field Technician

With a background in carpentry, masonry, and light electrical work, Josh brings high attention to detail and the ability to improvise and work well under pressure to the Broadband Telecom team. He is a jack of many trades and provides a first-class approach that customers can appreciate.


- Field Technician

Shadow brings 5 years of field experience with a prior carpentry background to BTS. He is the Robin to Cali’s Batman. He is our resident history buff and an avid gamer.
“I paused my game for this…”


- Network Engineer

With 13 years of experience in Network Management and Field Operations. Cali is the backbone of BTS. Certified in Tower Climbing Safety & Rescue. He is our network Houdini, making even the most impossible possible.

Client Reviews

I am reaching out to thank the broadband-telecom team for a job well done! From my first call, their team took my order for service and immediately made me feel like family. They installed our new service not only quickly but with professional expertise. Throughout my experience, the entire team treated me with respect and thankfulness for my business. Thank you for supplying my family with great service and always going above and beyond! You guys blow me away! 
- Travis Whittle
A very professional crew. In order to improve our service new equipment was installed on our dock. The electrician explained exactly what he would do and what it would look like. Throughout the day we were informed of the progress and the work was completed neatly and timely. The outdated equipment was removed and we were connected to greatly improved service.  Thank you!!
- Carol Gifford
I have had a very good experience with your company and also my internet is working very well without any problems. I will send an email to all my neighbors and recommend they sign up with your company. I also told my broker to sign up with you too. Thank you for improving our internet service.
- Jessica Cutler
I’m writing to say thank you for the excellent service you and your colleagues have given us. In short order, you have provided fast, reliable internet to our home. Prior to your ownership, our service was neither; we were constantly struggling to get poor service that required continual maintenance. This is especially frustrating to retired people living remotely. You are to be especially commended for your follow-up protocol.
 I am indebted.
- Wayne LaGary
I was one of Broadband Telecom Services’ first customers. After suffering from very slow internet service for almost 13 years, Jeff, the BTS techs, and staff worked diligently to update the internet equipment. The results have been great, with my internet connection speed now averaging 25 Mbps. Going from 1 Mbps to 25 Mbps internet speed has been a long time coming and most welcome. Thanks to the entire BTS staff!
- Pete Cardozo

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