Geographic Information System (GIS)

Broadband Telecom provides GIS solutions to store, analyze, manage, and manipulate geographic content for your project. Our analytical and proactive approach makes it easy to design and update your plans while giving you what you need to make optimal decisions.

“Mapping is fundamental to the process of lending order to the world.” ~ Robert Rundstrum, 1926

Creating a map involves bringing together a number of elements and making a variety of choices. The elements of design fall into general areas, each of which has its own unique attributes. There are synergistic effects between these elements, meaning that the overall design process is not just working on each element one at a time, but an iterative feedback process of adjusting each to achieve the desired delivery of information.

There are many ways that GIS can make an impact on your projects. Contact us for any inquiries regarding our capabilities.

We specialize in the following:

Data Analysis

We use relevant data pertaining to your specific needs to run raw spatial analyses to intelligible information that can help you make decisions.

Cartographic Modeling and Data Output

A process where several thematic layers are produced, processed, and analyzed for simulation or optimization models to produce maps and detailed itemized spreadsheets.

Map Overlay

By overlaying vectors, data can be extracted for analysis. This can be used to provide relevant, up-to-date information using old maps and data, or provide an analysis between two different cartographic images.

Address and Reverse Geo-coding

Geo-coding is interpolating spatial locations from street addresses, ZIP Codes, parcel lots and other address locations. This can also be done in reverse, extrapolating relevant information from given coordinates.

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From the inception of the design process, to analysis, deployment, testing, management, and tech support. We can take you from 30% design to getting it in the ground.