Get whole-home Wi-Fi coverage with Plume SuperPod® and state-of-the-art security and network management features with HomePass®

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Introducing Wi-Fi Worth Loving


Flawless WiFi connectivity


Full access management


Digital security


Home monitoring

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What’s included:

1 Plume SuperPod

Tri-band powerhouse providing exceptional signal strength

$99.00 each

2 Plume SuperPods

2 Tri-band SuperPods providing exceptional signal strength and better connectivity.

$99.00 $97.00 each

1 SuperPod with WiFi 6

Combines the power of our tri-band SuperPods with next-gen WiFi 6 standards

$159.00 each

2 SuperPods with WiFi 6

2 Tri-band SuperPods providing exceptional signal strength with next-gen WiFi 6

$159.00 $149.50 each

1 SuperPod with WiFi 6E

Our Tri-band SuperPod with cutting-edge WiFi 6E tech extends into the 6Ghz spectrum

$299.00 $249.00 each

2 SuperPods with WiFi 6E

2 of our Tri-band SuperPods with cutting-edge WiFi 6E tech extend into the 6Ghz spectrum

$299.00 $224.50 each

| Plume HomePass®

One-Year HomePass Membership

$8.25/mo. $4.95/month

(Billed $59.40 annually)

Your HomePass membership comes with our Al-driven Adapt service to help continuously optimize your network and device performance. You’ll also be able to manage your network, customize devices and user access, enable ad-blocking, and get notifications when motion is detected in your home as well as when outages or unusual activity occurs, all through the HomePass App.

Questions? We have answers!

No, HomePass® is more like a WiFi extender. It works with any Broadband provider by plugging directly into your router. Additional pods are spread throughout the home to move the signal to the places where it’s needed most. Say goodbye to WiFi black spots.
HomePass® adapts to your usage by implementing network improvements. It is configured to run more than 10 different types of improvements that work in the background 24/7, so you get fast and consistent WiFi everywhere in the range of its deployment and broadband connection. For example, if a change occurs that would impact your WiFi performance, like an increase in connected devices or interference from a neighbor’s WiFi, HomePass® will make adjustments to maintain your WiFi experience.
Yes. HomePass® monitors all Wi-Fi-connected devices in your home and will quarantine and notify you of any suspicious behavior by any of the connected devices in your home.
Yes – simply plug your first pod (via the provided ethernet cable) into your existing hub. Then distribute your second pod – and any other pods you have – around the house. Download the HomePass® app to label and manage your pods wherever they are in your home (e.g., kitchen, hallway, etc.).
No. Enjoy HomePass® on a month-to-month basis backed by our 60-day money-back guarantee.
HomePass® is constantly improving, and new features are added continuously. Your monthly payment brings you all the benefits of HomePass® and live technical support.

*12-month renewable contract. Improved performance compared to use without HomePass® or equivalent supplemental services. Coverage and user speed at distance compared to WiFi service relying on routers alone. Coverage and user speed vary with router type, distance from the router, internet connection quality, number of SuperPods®, and pod positioning. Parental controls vary across devices, apps, games, content, movies, video, and other applications. Motion detection does not replace a home security system. HomePass® can help detect and filter out suspicious activity, but nothing can prevent all cybercrime or identity theft. HomePass® app requires iOS 12 or later and Android 6 or later. HomePass® does not provide an internet connection. A separate router and internet connection are required. UK residential customers only. Terms and conditions apply. The first two SuperPods® are provided at no extra cost when you join Homepass. Additional Pods are available at extra cost. HomePass membership requires one or more SuperPods. Homepass subscription of $8.25 a month for 12 months on a 12-month minimum contract. The contract will automatically renew if you do not cancel (auto-renewal does not apply to finance purchasing). The renewal price may vary (subject to advance notice).